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The Frontline Company doesn’t miss it’s start in 2020!

The 9th of January was marked in many people’s agenda. Also for The Frontline Company, this was the most important day of the year. 113 Frontliners, spread across numerous stands, were standing ready for the start of the Brussels Motor Show 2020. Meanwhile we are a month further and the biggest automotive event in Belgium […]

Guidelines from The Frontline Company for Horeca Expo

Horeca Expo 2019 is officially behind us. The most important trade show of the year for everyone in the hospitality sector. For The Frontline Company, this is also a trade show indicated clearly on the calendar each year. About 50 Frontliners, spread over 10 different stands, gave the best of themselves for over a week. […]

We Love Social Media

Social Media is more important than ever these days. We spend our days liking Facebook messages, posting pictures on Instagram en placing Tweets. ‘Is this the right filter for my picture?’ ‘How do I reduce my sentence so i don’t exceed the 140 characters on Twitter?’,… The Frontline Company realizes the importance of Social Media […]