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Before applying, we suggest that you run through the information below. This way you will clearly understand what we mean when we talk about hospitality and what we expect from you when working for us. You can also find a small explanation of all the positions and functions that we can offer to you

What do we expect from you? What do our customers expect from you? What does ‘hospitality’ mean at The Frontline Company?

Hospitality is not an exact science… it’s an attitude, it’s a state of mind.

Anybody can be friendly and helpful, but not everyone can do this on demand and in every situation. This, however, is exactly what we want from you!

We at The Frontline Company take our job seriously. We are clear in what we want and in what we expect from you. If something is not 100% clear to you, we expect you to inform yourself and to ask questions until you do understand what is expected!

If the job gets done as it should be, if the team works together as a team the atmosphere will be good, the results will be there and the customer will be happy. That is exactly what our goal is.

We will always ask a lot from you, we will always expect from you that you respect what we have agreed upon and that you will perform 100%. If you do what we ask you to do, then we wil do everything needed to make it easy for you.

You are always free to accept or to cancel an offer we make you. But when you accept a job, we expect nothing less than perfection on the job from you! IF you cannot do this, please do not accept a job offer from us, we will gladly give it to someone who is motivated enough.

We expect you to be on time, to be positive and to have a proactive attitude. This is a matter of respect to us and to our customers. When you are working for us on an event, we expect you to be there 100%, your personal time starts again when the job is finished.

We expect you to be respectful towards your co-workers and to have a strong team spirit. Everyone can have a bad day, so can you, so we need to work for each other and support on another.

As we have said before, we try to communicate openly and directly. If something is not clear, please contact us!

Functions and attitudes of a ‘Frontliner’

For every function and position you will take on when working for The Frontline Company, we require the same attitude. You choose for a position in the hospitality industry because this is what you do. Because you love helping people, and because you live for making them feel welcome. Our customers choose for The Frontline Company because they know that we put a lot of emphasis on the selection of our teams. We put a lot of efforts in selecting a team that fits the job, and a team that has the right mentality for this specific event. That is the reason why we need to know you and why we do our screenings that thoroughly. We only put people on a job when we are sure that that person is ready for it and want s to do the job.

If you like what you’re doing, you do it better.

For us it is important that you like what you’re doing. We expect you to be enthusiastic and motivated. This can only be done when you have the right motivation. That is why we try to be clear in what we expect. We have a lot of different missions, jobs and functions to choose from. Some of these jobs will not be for you, that is okay. But when you apply for a specific job or event, we want you to go the extra mile. When you are not willing to do this, that’s fine too, just don’t apply for this job then!

We make sure that we have a lot of different fun jobs, you can earn a good living at The Frontline Company if you do your job properly and with the right intentions. We make sure that everything is arranged, that all information is complete en correct, we make sure the right insurances are ok and that all social contributions have been made. You will get sufficient information so that you know what to do when arriving at your job and we send it all through our briefing to you by mail. We expect you to read it and to understand it. When something is not clear, we expect you to ask for clarifications.

For every job you will do for us in the future the same thing applies: everyone can be friendly and generous, everyone has good spirit and can be happy … Only, it is not easy to be all of this on command. Yet, this is exactly what we expect from you! We know that this is not easy, even more, it is very hard to do all this on command. Yet, we expect this from you.

This is exactly what makes the difference between a good hospitality professional and an extremely  good hospitality professional, and that is exactly what we are looking for.

Are you one of these extremely good hospitality professionals, or are you willing to become one? The please apply to join us!

If you do not fit this profile, then we thank you for taking the time of reading all this, but please do not apply, because this means that we will nog fit each other.

Crew – FAQ

Who can work for The Frontline Company? What do you expect?

We invite everyone to apply no matter what background, colour, gender, religion, education, …

In most of our events we seek a realistic reflection of our local society. But sometimes we need more stereotypes, of specific character heads, or we need to match the look and feel of a specific target group. When making a selection for an event we keep in mind what the goal or nature is of this event: what fair is it, what target group is focused on, promo event, summer event, sporty or elegant …

Sometimes you will match one event and sometimes you will nog make the selection for another event.

What we consider as a very important aspect for any event is your attitude. We expect you to be present with a positive mind and attitude, a strong sense of team spirit and a great sense of responsibility. No matter which job or mission that you accept, we expect you to be there on time and give it all you have to make the event a success.

What happens after my application is accepted? When and where will I work?

After your application you will be invited to an intake interview during which we explain you how we work. We will explain to you how we will communicate the open jobs we have and ow you can apply for them. We will also explain you what we expect from you on the administrative level.

Is this intake interview mandatory, even when I’m very experienced?


We can only put you on the right job when we know who you are and what your strongpoints are. We want you to shine and have fun during your jobs for us. We want to match you with the right client and the right job content. Without this intake interview, we cannot match you properly.

Even if you are very experienced that does not mean that you know  how TFC sees hospitality and what we expect from you during your jobs for us. Your experience will be an asset for us, so any suggestion that you might have during this intake interview is welcomed! We are always ready to improve ourselves.

Please do keep in mind that your previous experiences do not mean that you are good … you will still have to prove yourself to us.

Am I insured during my work for The Frontline Company?

Yes, All legal insurances are covered.

How do you do your matchings?

The way we select our teams is depending on a lot of different parameters: experience, specific wishes of the customer, carpool, tasks at hand, looks, specific skills, attitude, etc.

When selecting the right team for every event is a gigantic jigsaw puzzle so please grant us some time to look into it in detail.

Which attire do I need to have at hand?

For most of our jobs, we provide the right outfit. This can be a classical suit, a dress, something sporty, but sometimes you can work in your own clothes. We will give the correct guidelines per event. Sometimes the customers provide an outfit themselves or we rent a specific costume.

Please be aware that some events are outdoors and that we expect you to check weather forecast yourself. When working outside a good warm coat can be handy and make sure that your shoes are always clean and matched with the clothing instructions we provide to you. For hygienic reasons, we do not provide you with shoes.

Can I work ‘in black’ or can hours be shifted from one day to another?

Are you joking?

Of course not!

In doing so, your employer that seems to be the good guy is in fact stealing from you. He is not paying all legal taxes, insurances nog any social contributions. He is not paying any contributions for you pension and at the same time you risk of being penalized when caught.  All this while he is making more money .. Still think this would be a good idea?

At TFC we do everything perfectly legal and by the book.  We have a lot of young people for us who are making their first steps into the real life and we consider it as our duty to make sure that this first step is taken correctly.

What happens when I need to cancel a job?

First of all you contact us as soon as you know that you cannot attend to a confirmed job!

We will try to find a replacement asap and we make sure that your position is filled in so that the event does not notice your absence.

Of course we hope that this will be an exception and that it will not happen often. If so, you will probably not get as many jobs as others who are more considerate in managing their agendas.

Please do understand that our experience helps us in getting a feel of the most common excuses. But on the other hand, there can always be something happening that is out of your control, so please contact us immediately if this would be  the case!

When will our payments be made?

We work with ACERTA who do all calculations for us. We pay your salary on the 7th working day of every month.

You are always optimistic and happy. Our customers don’t pay us and thus your salary for a sour face. Therefor you will always be the shining light with your generous smile!

You’re always on top of your job and you are proactive. Your attitude is always in function of the event and the expectations of your supervisor.

You are always polite towards the customer and your colleagues.

You are on time for your job, without any exception. Traffic is the same for everyone and if your colleagues can be on time, so can you! You leave on time to get there on time. You check traffic and weather forecast so that there are no surprises. If, for any bizarre reason, you think you are going to be late, you do not hesitate to report this immediately, so that your contact at the event can take the appropriate measures.

When arriving at your job, your report to your event contact and when leaving you do the same. You check whether everything was ok and whether there is anything else you can do before leaving.

As a Frontliner in charge of all hospitality tasks at the event, you are proactive and you help where needed. This means that you are willing to be flexible in regards to the specific tasks at hand.

You will never ever drink alcohol during your job, nor use any drugs!

You respect the briefing that has been sent to you and you communicate with your co-workers at the event in order to make sure things run smoothly. While communicating with our staff at the office, you use decent professional language, you do not use sms-language in mails.

You will not use your mobile phone during your job, unless specifically required by the nature of your job. IF you do expect a very important call, you will inform your supervisor about this upfront.

While going back and forth from your job, you behave as a true Frontliner, polite and courteous.

Description of the different functions and positions that you might take on while working for TFC and what we expect.

What is Student@work – 50days for?

Student@work – 50days is an online application that enables you to check how many days you can still work as a student at reduced social contributions.

You and your employer pay less social contributions for a student job. This makes working in student jobs an interesting way to earn money.

But the number of days you can work at reduced social contributions in a student job is limited. The government gives you a package of 50 days each calendar year: your quota. If you work more, the social contributions go up again.

Why would you use Student@work – 50days?

  • Student@work – 50Days helps you to check how many days of student work you can still do at reduced social contributions – and so prevents you from exceeding your quota of 50 days.
  • With Student@work – 50Days you can make a certificate for your employer.
    With this certificate you can show an employer how many days you can still work without exceeding the quota of 50 days.
  • Student@work – 50Days gives you a list of all student jobs that you have a student agreement for and that you have already carried out.
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