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Why should I choose The Frontline Company?

We will spare you all commercial blah blah …


  • We do what we say we will do.
  • We respect deadlines.
  • We work fast en we do proper follow up.
  • Everyone in our permanent staff has a vast experience in the field, so we know what we are talking about.
  • We give 100% guarantee an all legal aspects of our work and all administration. Even when orders come in last minute or changes need to be done outside regular office hours.
  • Our briefings to our staff and field workers are complete and detailed so everyone is well prepared for the job.
  • We work with people from all over Belgium, we offer our services nationwide.
  • We pay everyone on time and therefor motivation is high within our staff. Seems logical but it isn’t in our business.
  • Everyone working for us is screened thoroughly and can only work for us after a personalized interview. This way we know who we send to you.
  • We have experience in all branches of industry.
  • We have experience in very big B2B events, but we are even so happy to deliver our services to a small private and intimate event.

What can I expect from a ‘Frontliner’ you send to our events?

You may expect one of our co-workers to be on time, to know what to do and what is expected from him/her. You can expect him/her to have a positive attitude and to be proactive while working on your event.

You may expect from our people that they are hospitable to your guests, your own staff and your other suppliers during the event.

You may expect him/her to impress you so that you ask us to send this person again on your next event!

How do I treat your staff? How to handle them?

With respect!

By communicating clearly on how you want them to work on your event, how to treat your guests … In short, to give them a clear and detailed briefing on what and how you expect the event to take place.

Do this by giving an example on what and how exactly you expect something to be done : what is ‘proactive’ to you, may be something else for an other client. ‘Assertiveness’ can be interpreted in a very different way depending on which brand and which service you deliver. In being precise in what you expect, can avoid misunderstandings.

At the end it is very simple : treat our staff the way you would treat someone in your own family like your own children.

Why is a briefing so important to you?

Your expectations are always very high, we like this!

But in order to select a good team that will fulfill your expectations, we need to know exactly what you expect from our staff. Therefor giving us a clear view of what you want is extremely important. That is why we will ask you some questions in the line of : what is the goal of your event, who will be the guests/the target group, how is the timing of the event, what is the setting, …. All these questions will help us to get a clear view on which team we need to select for you.

The more information you give us, the better we can help you. Let our experience be at your service by involving us from the beginning.

Your offices are located in Antwerp, do you also deliver your services in other cities?

Of course, we deliver our services from the Ardennes to the coast, from North to South!

And abroad as well! Over the last few years, our Frontliners have worked in countries like The Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Luxemburg.

This small map gives you an idea of the locations where we have done at least one event last year:


How long upfront do I need to book a hospitality team?

We are used to work against short deadlines. We have an experienced back office staff who are used to working against deadlines. . But please keep in mind that we are also depending on external parameters that can slow down our way of working : we depend on the agendas of our staff, exams, holiday season, festive months … in other words the more time you give us, the better the quality of our work can be.

So we advise to give us your event planning of couple of weeks upfront, or as soon as you have taken the decision to work with us. Even if you do nog have all details yet yourselves.

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