Guidelines from The Frontline Company for Horeca Expo

Horeca Expo 2019 is officially behind us. The most important trade show of the year for everyone in the hospitality sector. For The Frontline Company, this is also a trade show indicated clearly on the calendar each year. About 50 Frontliners, spread over 10 different stands, gave the best of themselves for over a week.


We want to share with you a guideline for an optimal experience at the next editions of Horeca Expo!


Coffee to start the day

The best start of the day at Horeca Expo is done by drinking a good coffee at Friesland Campina. At this stand, six lovely ladies from The Frontline Company will happily be at your service. When you are finally feeling more awake, definitely pass by Duni, Hobart, Bliss Food & Scangulf to be answered by a cheerful Frontliner.


A little snack to regain strength

From all the walking through the gigantic trade show halls, you will undoubtedly need to take a break. What better than a Royco-moment? You are always welcome for a free soup at the Royco/Devos Lemmens  stand in Hall 1. You can’t really walk past it without noticing the huge Royco soup cup on the roof of the stand.

If you prefer something spicier… then herbs and sauces from Verstegen is something you should definitely try out.


A bigger snack when you are getting hungry

Are you still feeling hungry after previous indulging? Then we definitely recommend that you pass by the Bicky stand. With the new “veggie-range”, vegetarians can also enjoy their delicious burgers. Our hostesses there will inform you further with pleasure.

After eating, you can get your hands cleaned up with the Luxury Wet Towel, handed out by our fantastic hostesses, and then you should be ready for the last activities of the day.


Finishing the day with a refreshing beer

This is best done in Hall 6: the nightlife Hall. Take a moment to enjoy a perfect cold beer from the tap at the Primus and Super 8 stand. You prefer a wine? No problem, they can take care of that too at the Haacht stand.


At 7PM you can leave the Horeca Expo trade show in a good mood and a full belly. Our hosts and hostesses have done everything possible to make sure your day ran as smoothly as possible. Because that’s what we do!

See you next year!