The Frontline Company doesn’t miss it’s start in 2020!

The 9th of January was marked in many people’s agenda. Also for The Frontline Company, this was the most important day of the year. 113 Frontliners, spread across numerous stands, were standing ready for the start of the Brussels Motor Show 2020. Meanwhile we are a month further and the biggest automotive event in Belgium is behind us again. We can look back at this intense but fun event with pleasure!



In almost every palace of the gigantic Brussels Expo, our Frontliners were standing ready for the action to start. The Informants have one of the most important tasks for the different car brands. They are the people who have to convince the thousands of visitors of the Brussels Motor Show, to visit the automotive showrooms. Starting in December, the informants received training to be able to perform as product specialists during the intense 10 days of the Brussels Motor Show. Sales, product and leads training are on the yearly agenda to prepare the informants so they can perform at their best for the different companies taking part.

Have you visited the Brussels Motor Show looking for a new car? Then you have undoubtedly been helped out by one of our amazing Frontliners. In hall 7 we were represented with the most Frontliners. On the Toyota and Lexus stands, visitors were extensively informed about the newest hybrid technology. Across from those stands, there were many Frontliners showing off the newest Fiats and Jeeps that were on display.

In palace 5, there were also countless Frontliners present. We were working with Nissan for our second time in a row. Last but not least: in palace 11, also known as the D’Ieteren Hall. As a yearly occasion you will likely bump into our numerous informants working at the Volkswagen, Seat and Porsche stands.


Hostesses & Logisticians

Besides the large number of informants working at the Brussels Motor Show, there were also other functions to fill. At the Subaru stand we had two pretty hostesses who warmly welcomed visitors and clients. Other hosts and hostesses helped supervise a quiz by GOCA, the big group of recognized companies that take care of car inspections and driving licences across the country.

The displays with maps, spread across the different palaces of the Brussels Expo, where constantly re-filled by two hardworking Frontliners. We also delivered people to help support the logistics for Opel. The Frontline Company was also present for “Test Aankoop”. Act!Events organizes a promo action for them at a numerous amount of tradeshows and exhibitions, so the Brussels Motor Show had to be one of them!

We would like to thank our clients for putting their trust in us, and most of all thank you to all our Frontliners to help make this year’s Brussels Motor Show a success!