TFC, once again, is ranked as the best people agency in Belgium!

Over the last 4 years, TFC has been awarded with a number 1 and number 2 position in the ranking of best people agencies in Belgium. Since 2009 the Belgian event sector has ranked TFC in the top 3.

This constant appreciation is the best proof that our good reputation is not a coincidence but the result of very hard work and constantly improving ourselves. We take every customer serious and every new event is considered as important as the other. Whether it is a small private event or a big B2B event.

Our customers know that hospitality is not just sending out some people, but that is consists of a very rigid way of selecting your crew and knowing who you can put in which position. They rather choose a specialized hospitality partner than any other cheap alternative. After all they realize that quality is more important.

The fact that we can deliver our services anywhere in Belgium with our multilingual crew is off course a strong asset leading to this number 1 position.